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NTSD Indonesia Site » Little Fighter Games » Download Area LF Naruto » [norm] Naruto: Operation Red Moon (ver. 1,00)
[norm] Naruto: Operation Red Moon
FeniksDate: Wednesday, 2017-10-25, 10:03 PM | Message # 1
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Greetings, Indonesian society! I am glad to present to your attention the game dedicated to the organization of Akatsuki from Naruto's anime.
This is the first part of my project, which includes everything you like about LF2 and NTSD. In it you can play for your favorite characters, such as: Itachi, Kisame, Payne, Deidara, Orochimaru and others. A huge variety of techniques, many combinations, interesting mechanics, beautiful maps, survival mode, tournament and multiplayer.

This modification has a name: Naruto Operation Red Moon, or simply NORM.
To begin with, I suggest you get acquainted with the teaser of this toy!

Immerse yourself in memories of those times when everyone considered Itachi a villain, experienced the fate of Gaara, or cried over the death of the charismatic Sasori. When people argued: who is hiding under the mask of Toby? Feel the taste of nostalgia and let the tart tear over the years past.
And remember: "Spring is still not over!"

A little about the game text.

Characters in version 1.00:
- Itachi ( caster \ high speed \ low endurance )
- Kisame ( caster \ a large number of chakra \ short range of battle )
- Deidara ( summoner / variety of game styles \ large chakra consumption )
- Kakuzu ( specialist \ strong techniques \ management complexity )
- Payne: Tendo ( physicist / good enemy control \ rollback between technicians )
- Payne: Chikushodo ( summoner / useful in mass battles \ technicians difficult to get )
- Conan ( caster \ fast techniques \ large chakra consumption )
- Orochimaru ( specialist / great variability / weak techniques )
Briefly described the strengths and weaknesses of each, and also conditionally divided them into certain classes. This division does not bear any semantic load, only makes it clear what the character specializes in most of his techniques.

The game has four maps: Sand Village, Misty Field, Arena and Rocks.
There is a small level on the passage (survayv with the end).
Started with such chips as:
- Joint receptions (for Conan and Tendo, press D ^ J, standing side by side);
- Elemental interaction (Itachi's fireball evaporates the water and the fire dries);
- Reloading abilities (rollback between the tenor tensor of Tendo);
- Expansion of the basic mechanics of LF (double jump, new combinations, shuns, jumping ninjas, etc. (see muvlist))
- Dynamic game updates (written launcher for C #, which allows me to release any necessary changes at any time as an update.) Each user, if desired, can update the game to the latest version)

At last it is necessary to deduce some pluses and minuses of the game:
+ dynamics (played nice and fast, both with bots, and over the network)
+ balance (constantly updated, there are problems, but they decrease)
+ the mechanics of many techniques (this was not in xD)
+ nice and unusual style of sprites (when I started this mod in 2015, no one has used nzc in their lf projects, so I'll write this down as a plus: P)
+ the project came out \ survived (well, and coolie? is a sick topic of naruto-mods) / work on the sequel boils even now (although the author and lazy 90-th level)
- a small number of arenas (for the first version is enough, but still negative)
- some techniques are frankly shitty implemented (understand and forgive)
- many effects look sluggish (I gradually change them, patience)

Now the time of links.

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UkiragiGizuDate: Saturday, 2018-01-20, 9:02 AM | Message # 2
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gan kenapa cuma akatsuki aja gan? 033

Takdir setiap manusia memang telah ditentukan sejak mereka lahir, tetapi dengan kerja keras kita dapat mengalahkan takdir (Naruto Uzumaki)
NTSD Indonesia Site » Little Fighter Games » Download Area LF Naruto » [norm] Naruto: Operation Red Moon (ver. 1,00)
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